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Welcome, the Senior Infertility Nurse Group – or SING – was founded in 2005 and currently represents over fifty fertility units throughout the UK and EIRE.

We provide peer support, guidance and encouragement to our members, promoting education and training for all fertility nurses and healthcare assistants.

We are a recognised stakeholder group, proactively involved in shaping the future of fertility treatment and innovation and are affiliated with national and international fertility societies.

Senior Infertility Nurses Group

The SING website offers training and education opportunities and information for any fertility healthcare professional. We have updated our specialist fertility training modules and added in some new features to promote education, training and best practices for all nurses working and caring for individuals seeking fertility treatment.

Fertility Nursing – Continuing Professional Development

We all recognise the importance of continuing professional development to ensure the best possible patient care and career progression for nurses. The SING website is the place for all your fertility related training courses, networking opportunities and specialist information about treating infertility.

We have developed a series of training courses to help ensure that our members are able to provide the best care and support for individuals seeking fertility treatment. These modules have been developed by members of the Senior Infertility Nurses Group and edited by the website team.  To access them you can register for free.

Aims & Objectives

Factors affecting sperm quality

Semen Analysis

DNA Fragmentation

Chromosomal Anomalies

Male Factor Treatment Options

Aims & Objectives

More comprehensive idea of causes of female infertility.

Able to relate this information to their own practice.

Better understanding of infertility causes and improve their empathy towards their patients/clients.

Aims & Objectives

Define the menstrual cycle and key events within it.

Name the main functional stages of development of the follicle.

Name the hormones that influence follicular development.

Aims & Objectives

Name the structures that make up the female reproductive system and describe the role each plays in reproduction.

Name the pituitary and gonadal hormones that regulate the reproductive cycle, and the hypothalamic hormone that influences the levels of these hormones.

Explain the feedback mechanism in terms of hormone regulation.

Aims & Objectives

Progesterone in a natural cycle

Luteal Phase Support

Products – Contraindications

Products – General Warnings & Precautions

Products – Side Effects


We meet regularly to discuss issues and trends in fertility nursing, and invite guest speakers to present on important topics.

We also arrange local social meetings and promote external training events relevant to the SING members.


There are no upcoming events at this time.

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