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Executive Team

Debbie Evans

Debbie Evans

Executive Chair

Debbie is a highly motivated and passionate Nurse who has the responsibility for the day to day clinical management of the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre and 30 members of staff.

Debbie is the current chair of the SING group, and has also held the role of Secretary – she is extremely proud to hold this position and to represent her nursing colleagues at stakeholder groups that will shape the future of fertility in the UK. She is also passionate about ensuring that our nurses have access to appropriate training needs that will support the future of Fertility Nurses.

Debbie has been a member of the BFS meetings committee for several years and has developed conference programmes to encourage her nursing colleagues to attend this prestigious meeting. She has spoken on several occasions at many meetings and is passionate about sharing her nursing knowledge and good practice.

She worked with Anglia University in developing a Health care assistant programme in line with the Health and Social Care Apprenticeships scheme and successfully trained 2 members of staff to this qualification.

Debbie not only represents nursing interests but has a keen interest in quality Management bringing together her vast knowledge and experience in Quality to ensure she delivers the very best of care in a pro-active and effective way.

Debbie is very active with HFEA matters, and has been actively involved and consulted on the HFEA code of practice.

Laura Carter-Penman RGN

Laura Carter-Penman RGN

Executive Secretary

Laura is the Regional Lead Nurse at Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic in Cambridge.

Joining Bourn Hall in April 2011, she was promoted to the role of Lead Nurse at Cambridge in 2013 and to Regional Lead Nurse for our Cambridge and Norfolk clinics in 2017.

Laura is the current SING Secretary and took up this post in 2018. She is extremely proud to hold the role of secretary and through her experience and expertise, ensures that best practice and expert knowledge shared within the SING group is cascaded to fertility nurses and HCA’s working within fertility.

Laura is keen to ensure that the nursing teams across the region continue to provide the highest standards of care that they are well known for and to champion continuous improvements in working practices and procedures.

Laura says: “I feel I have really found my vocation working in the field of fertility and feel a strong sense of pride to be part of the wonderful team at Bourn Hall.”

 Laura has presented at various events and on many platforms for both healthcare professionals and patients and people accessing fertility services on fertility education and best practice.

Katie Best

Katie Best

Executive Treasurer

Katie is the Unit Manager and Quality Manager at Gateshead Fertility Unit. She has the responsibility of the day to day management and organisation of the unit.

She has been an active member of the Senior Infertility Group and had been the groups Treasurer since 2014. Being a member of the SING group has enabled her to liaise with other Senior Nurses from all parts of the UK and Ireland and this has been invaluable.

Katie is very passionate about Nurse Education for both Qualified Nurses and Health Care Assistants. She has helped organise a variety of Nurse meetings and has also Chaired at meetings as well as spoken at them.

She is extremely proud of the Health Care Assistant day which along with other members of SING has now been delivered, very successfully, for 2 years and looks forward to participating in many more years.

Katie recently represented SING, contributing to the development of the Royal College of Nursing document, An RCN Education and Career Progression Framework of Fertility Nursesparticularly focusing on the development for Health Care Assistants.

She is a motivated nurse who feels very proud to work within the field of Fertility Nursing and all the special skills that is needed in this area and to help develop the Fertility Nurses of the future.

Katie has also recently been appointed as an inspector for the HFEA and plays an active role in supporting licensed centres with meeting the regulatory requirements.


Web Team

Francesca Steyn

Francesca Steyn

Head of Nursing, Quality and Compliance at the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health (CRGH) London

Francesca is Head of Nursing, Quality and Compliance at the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health (CRGH) London.

She is responsible for the management of a large team of nursing staff and the patient pathway and the quality aspects of treatment, care and services at the CRGH.

Her areas of expertise include the management of Surrogacy and gamete donation programmes and nursing education and training. Francesca recently co-authored and was a core contributor for a publication issued by the department of health to provide guidance on surrogate births “Care in surrogacy: guidance for the care of surrogates and intended parents in surrogate births in England and Wales”. She feels very strongly about raising the profile of UK surrogacy and was recently named ‘National surrogacy professional of the year 2018’ for her work in raising awareness and regulation for UK surrogacy.

Francesca is also an active member of the steering committee for the RCN Fertiity Nursing Forum and recently co-authored the An RCN Education and Career Progression Framework of Fertility Nurses” with other committee members and stakeholders. She was extremely proud to present this work alongside Katie Best at the ESHRE conference in Barcelona 2018. 

Francesca has also recently been appointment as a trustee of the NGDT (National Gamete Donation Trust) for her continued work with donation in the UK.

She is very proud to be a member of SING and delighted to have been asked to part of the SING web team and involved in the relaunch of the SING website.

Alice Denga

Alice Denga

Modern Matron, Guys Assisted Conception Unit

Alice qualified as a Registered General Nurse (RGN) with Parkside and Harrow College of Nursing in 1991. Alice is a highly experienced Modern-Matron in Assisted Reproduction with clinical and management expertise, and is employed by Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. Alice manages the team within the ACU and is strongly committed to providing the highest standard of care at all times.

Within her leadership role, Alice keeps herself engaged and inspired as well as motivating her team to achieve and maintain these high standards.

Pivotal to her role as the Modern-Matron working in the ACU, Alice oversees nursing care during the patients’ journey through assisted conception and always put particular emphasis on patient experience. It is also her role to support the nurses with training and development to ensure they are empowered and enabled to provide an excellent service.

Alice also assumes a senior management role in ensuring the safe and effective running of the unit as well as implementing the ambitious strategy of the Assisted Conception Unit.

Alice is a member of the steering committee for the RCN Fertility Nursing forum and has recently completed the Florence Nightingale Foundation Leadership scholarship.

Alice is an active member of the Senior Infertility Nurse Group (SING) and was elected as the treasurer for the SING group from 2009-2013.