Module 1Female Reproductive System - The Menstrual Cycle
Unit 1Learning Outcomes
Unit 2Reproduction and Female Menstruation
Unit 3Female Menstrual Cycle
Unit 4Overview of Ovulation
Unit 5Fertilisation/Menstruation
Unit 6The Menstrual Cycle
Unit 7Uterine Cycle of Changes
Unit 8Ovarian Cycle of Changes
Unit 9AMH and Inhibin B
Unit 10Granulosa Cells
Unit 11Theca Cells
Unit 12Primordial Follicles
Unit 13Secondary Follicles
Unit 14Follicular Growth
Unit 15Dominant Follicle
Unit 16Follicular Maturation
Unit 17Follicular Development - Summary
Unit 18Ovulation
Unit 19Hormonal Influences
Unit 20Follicular Phase
Unit 21Recruitment of Follicles
Unit 22Negative Feedback Mechanism
Unit 23Selection of a Follicle
Unit 24Oestrogen Synthesis by Developing Dominant Ovarian Follicle
Unit 25Role of Lutenising Hormone (LH)
Unit 26Uterine Changes during Follicular Phase
Unit 27Ovulation
Unit 28Clinical Signs of Ovulation
Unit 29Menstrual Cycle
Unit 30The Luteal Phase
Unit 31Corpus Luteal Development
Unit 32Luteal Phase
Unit 33Uterine Changes during the Luteal Phase
Unit 34Summary