Module 1Female Reproductive System Investigations
Unit 1Learning Outcomes
Unit 2Accurate History Taking
Unit 3Female Age
Unit 4Time to Conception
Unit 5Frequency and Timing of Sexual Intercourse
Unit 6Female Menstrual Cycle
Unit 7Body Mass Index (BMI)
Unit 8Low BMI
Unit 9High BMI
Unit 10Medical History
Unit 11Smoking
Unit 12Caffeine
Unit 13Hormones
Unit 14Measuring Ovarian Function
Unit 15Measuring Ovarian Function
Unit 16Luteinising Hormone
Unit 17Abnormal Results
Unit 18Anti-Mullerian Hormone
Unit 19Normal AMH Levels
Unit 20Progesterone
Unit 21Abnormal Progesterone Levels
Unit 22Rubella Symptoms
Unit 23Rubella – Complications and Transmission
Unit 24Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Unit 25How does Hypothyroidism affect Fertility?
Unit 26Consider Thyroid Assessment
Unit 27Prolactin
Unit 28Hyperprolactinaemia
Unit 29Cervical Screening
Unit 30Chlamydia
Unit 31Chlamydia Screening
Unit 32Tests of Tubal Patency
Unit 33HSG
Unit 34HyCoSy
Unit 35HSG and HyCoSy
Unit 36Laparoscopy and Dye Assessment
Unit 37Summary