Instructor: Denise Holland

The module will give insight into:
- What is egg sharing as a treatment option.
- What are the parenthood laws concerning egg donation.

Module 1Egg Sharing
Unit 1HFEA Guidance
Unit 2Benefit in Kind
Unit 3Incentives Available
Unit 4Counselling Considerations
Unit 5Further implications
Unit 6Information for Egg Sharers
Unit 7Agreement for Egg Sharers
Unit 8Legal Parenthood
Unit 9Donors Position in Law
Module 2Egg Donation - the recipient pathway
Unit 1Learning Outcomes
Unit 2Egg Donation
Unit 3Why treatment with donor eggs?
Unit 4Absence of Ovaries
Unit 5No Ovarian Function
Unit 6Poor Ovarian Function
Unit 7Multiple Failed IVF Cycles
Unit 8Preventing the Transmission of Inherited Conditions
Unit 9Recipient Investigations
Unit 10Further Investigations
Unit 11Screening Summary
Unit 12Recipient Treatment
Unit 13Recipient Counselling – HFEA requirements
Unit 14Counselling - Telling the Child
Unit 15Professional Association - BICA
Unit 16Psychological Issues and Implications
Unit 17Recipient Treatment Cycle
Unit 18HRT Endometrial Preparation
Unit 19Embryo Transfer
Unit 20Coordinating Donor Cycles
Unit 21Legal Parenthood
Unit 22Donors Position in Law
Unit 23Donations BEFORE April 2005
Unit 24Donations AFTER April 2005
Module 3Egg Donation - the donor pathway
Unit 1Learning Outcomes