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Counselling Skills for Specialist Nurses Working in a Fertility Setting

Those who are infertile ride a monthly roller coaster; the stresses reverberate throughout the family system and affect every aspect of the individual’s and/or couple’s life.  (Adapted from B. Cooper-Hilbert 1998)

The aim of this workshop is to help nurses working in fertility clinics to develop counselling skills to understand and support patients in distress during their fertility journey.



Radisson Bl Hotel, 12 Holloway Circus, Bimingham, B1 1BT



Meet at 1.00pm for a 2.00pm start on Friday 18th May, finish 4.00pm on Saturday 19th May 2018



Ann Curley, Senior Infertility Counsellor, St Mary’s Manchester

Beverley Loftus, Infertility Counsellor, St Mary’s Manchester



£250 (includes accommodation, course fees and meals)

(closing date for registration Friday 27th April 2018)



·         Definition of ‘counselling’

·         Clarification of Implications, support and therapeutic counselling

·         Who provides counselling and when?

·         Developing counselling skills

·         The fertility journey

·         Breaking bad news

·         Giving bad news by telephone

·         Loss & Grief in the context of Infertility

·         Case discussion

·        Self care and support


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Or contact:

Mrs Claire Sackett, Administrator Reproductive Health Division,

Ferring Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Drayton Hall, Church Road, West Drayton, UB7 7PS.  Direct tel: 0208 580 4133 or email: