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About Us

The Senior Infertility Nurses Group provides peer support, guidance and encouragement to its members. We promote education and training for all fertility nurses working and caring for individuals seeking fertility treatment.

The Executive Team

  • Debbie Evans

    Debbie Evans

    Executive Chair

    Debbie is the Centre Manager at the Herts and Essex Fertility Centre. She has responsibility for the day to day clinical management of the Centre and has responsibility for 30 members of staff. She has 30 years of experience in Nurse Management and 20 of them have been within Fertility. She brings a wealth of varied knowledge and experience to the role. She is extremely passionate about the Fertility world and continually seeks to improve via a very structured Quality management system in order that her patients achieve the highest level of care available. She is a true advocate for her patients and staff alike in that she strives to ensure that all staff are fully competent to deliver the very best of care. She has been a member of SING since its very first meeting and has held the office of secretary before being elected as Chair. Debbie is very keen to ensure that as nurses we are represented within all the stakeholder groups in Fertility in order that we are involved in policy and practice. Debbie is the nurse representative on the Meetings committee for the BFS. Debbie is always committed to the further education of nurses in an ever changing environment.


  • Carrie Lomax

    Carrie Lomax

    Executive Secretary

    Carrie is the Clinical Nurse Manager at the Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, having worked in this field since 1992. Carrie has significant experience as a Fertility & Gynaecology Advanced Nurse Practitioner, developing the role of Advanced Nursing Practice within this area and has attained further qualifications including a diploma in Gynaecology, non-medical prescribing & has undertaken post graduate qualifications in Advanced Nursing Practice.

    In addition to being secretary to the Senior Infertility Nurses Group, Carrie is also a Nurse Representative on the Executive Committee for the British Fertility Society. Carrie is committed to furthering Fertility Nurse Education & also hopes to encourage fertility nurses to share & present the advanced practice that fertility nurses have been providing for years.


  • Katie Best

    Katie Best

    Executive Treasurer

    I am the treasurer of the SING group. I have been a member of the SING group for 5 years.

    I have worked within the field of fertility for 18 years at Gateshead Fertility Unit and helped establish the unit. I have always had an interest in women’s health having worked on Gynaecology and early pregnancy unit from qualifying.

    I feel very privileged to work within this specialist area and be part of the team that care for the patients. It is very important to encourage nurses to work within this area through education and experience.


The Web Team

  • Alison McTavish

    Alison McTavish

    Unit Manager

    Aberdeen Centre of Reproductive Medicine

  • Isabel Traynor

    Isabel Traynor

    Nurse Manager

    Assisted Conception Service, Glasgow Royal Infirmary